Thank you Richard Malmgren!

We are always blessed when Richard shares his long line expertise with us and this past Wednesday was no exception.  In the hands of a master, long lining reveals the horse’s inherent weaknesses and postural habits that riders often compensate for and in doing so, prevent the horse from being accountable for their own straightness and self-carriage.  The gentle boundaries of the long lines along with Richard’s exceptional feel and the absence of rider interference allow the horse to explore and solidify a correct connection from their hind legs, over their back, and into the bridle.  I always feel the improvement in the days following a long line session.   We look forward to Richard’s return!

Horse/Rider Participants:

Cordialle bred/owned/trained by Martina Thiel-Poblotzki
BW-Raina bred/owned/trained by Blue Waters Farm
Irish owned by Erica Ringgold
Mac owned by Julie Emerson
Kevin owned by Teri Beste
Doxology owned by Teri Beste
Atlas owned by Aggie O’Brien