December 13:  Long Line Clinic With Richard Malmgren

Richard’s patient and kind expertise with long lines have become an integral part of our training program.  Long line work enables the horse to better understand their body and develop a confident, straighter and stronger connection over their back since there is no interference from a rider.  Long line work benefits horses at every level.  The fee is $100.00 for Blue Waters clients and $100.00 plus a $20.00 ring fee for visitors.  Auditors are welcome, and the fee is just $10.00.  Proof of Flu/Rhino vaccination within 6 months and a negative Coggins test within 12 months, along with a signed waiver (below), are required.  Day stalls are available for $20.00.  Here is our schedule:

8:30 am Teri & Kevin
9:15 am Martina & Cordialle
10:00 am Linda & Raina
10:45 am Kathryn & Claire
11:30 am 15 min break
11:45 am Kathryn & Birdie
12:30 pm Aggie & Atlas
1:15 pm Carole & Soleil
2:00 pm Sue & her horse

Blue Waters Farm Waiver

October 18:  Dressage Clinic With Karen Ramsing Bixler

I am so happy to once again welcome my longtime friend and mentor, Karen Ramsing-Bixler, to Blue Waters Farm.  Karen is an L graduate, retired Grand Prix rider, trainer and a sponsor, who has been active at the elite end of the sport for decades. Karen is committed to compassionate, classical training having herself been tutored by Dr. Reiner Klimke, Jessica Ransehousen and Robert Dover. In the past, Karen has helped me with three challenging and very different horses. Her warm, respectful and positive personality will put you and your horse instantly at ease making space for positive progress. Karen is a highly effective communicator and creative problem-solver who loves working with riders and horses at all levels. $85.00 per ride and a $20.00 ring fee for ship-in participants. Day stalls are available for $20.00. Auditing fee is $10.00. Proof of Flu/Rhino vaccination within 6 months and a negative Coggins test within 12 months, along with a signed waiver are required.

Blue Waters Farm Waiver

Karen and her stallion Fabian 64, at Gladstone in the Grand Prix, Festival of Champions 1990

October 7 and 8:  Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training at the University of Delaware


September 26-October 1:  Dressage at Devon

September 16:  Linda attends “The Old Masters” featuring Monica Theodorescu and Frank R. Henning at Avalon Farm in North Salem, NY

June 21:  Linda rides in the Susanne von Dietze Clinic hosted by Wood’s Lane Farm

April 26:  Equine Microbiome Seminar with Dr. Amy Biddle

Sponsored by Blue Waters Farm and graciously hosted by Hassler Dressage at their stunning Riveredge Training Center.  This event is free and open to the public!  Light hors d’oeuvre will be served from 6:00-6:45.  Lecture 6:45-7:30.  Questions and discussion thereafter.

April 22:  Fix A Test Clinic with Cory O’Connor

This clinic will be a great opportunity for horses and/or riders who are new to competing to gain real show experience in a low-key environment.  It is also ideal for those who just what to improve their competition rides and work through imperfections they may encounter during the test.

April 7-9:  Team Blue Waters will be attending and participating in the  Susanne von Dietze Training Event, hosted by Hassler Dressage.

February 3-5:  Team Blue Waters will be attending and participating in the Charles deKunffy Training Event, hosted by Hassler Dressage.