I am very honored to share that I have partnered with County Saddlery Inc., as a trainer representative. During my residency with Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel at First Choice Farm, I had the opportunity to ride in County Saddles and learn from owner Gene Freeze. For my young and sensitive mare, the “Next Gen” monoflap, Epiphany, dressage saddle was an absolute game changer! The quest for an effective seat, is a never-ending journey but the Epiphany helped me more effectively “stack” my body parts and sit in a more balanced way over my horse. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about my experience with County Saddles. #CountySaddlery #TestRideACounty

I am grateful to Larisa Quirk for another fantastic clinic! We look forward to her return on January 21st, February 18th and possibly in March. To learn more or register, please click here.

On Saturday, January 9th, we welcomed back Natural Horsemanship trainer Mark Smucker. Unfortunately due to COVID19 concerns we could not open this clinic to auditors. Mark will be back in the future and we look forward to welcoming everyone then! 😊

On August 15th we had the great pleasure to host Aviva Nebesky (L*) for a Fix-A-Test clinic. All ten participants greatly benefited from her discerning and encouraging teaching! I very much appreciate Kara Buttimer for arranging this clinic. Kara and I also also thank Lynn Schriver for generously serving as a scribe.

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