Linda is passionate to assist riders to overcome discouragement and training blockages with creative, effective and respectful strategies.  She welcomes riders with young through 2nd level horses and enjoys working with hunter/jumper riders who desire to increase their horse’s adjustability and balance on course.  Additionally, Linda has extensive experience preparing horses for breed society inspections and breed shows including Dressage at Devon.

Linda’s passion for horses began more than 40 years ago.  In her early years, she competed in Hunter Equitation, Hunter and Pleasure divisions, riding an enormous variety of horses.  During her college years, Linda competed in the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association as a member of the University of Delaware Equestrian Team.  After graduate school, Linda transitioned to Combined Training.  She spent the next 10 years competing in CT at the lower levels before making a permanent switch to dressage.  During those years she particularly loved retraining former racehorses for new careers.  Linda has trained with Audrey Sims, Barbara Bonk, Marija Trieschman, Tami Glover and Karen Ramsing-Bixler, and currently trains with Jessica Fay of Hilltop Farm.  Linda regularly participates in clinics both as a rider and auditor.  In the past year, Linda has ridden for masters, Charles de Kunffy and Susanne von Dietze-Pollak.  She also audited clinics featuring Tristan Tucker, Monica Theodorescu, Laura Graves, and Hubertus Schmidt. Part of Linda’s effectiveness as an instructor is her ability to take a holistic view of each horse and optimize their nutrition, health, daily management, and fitness programs.  She enthusiastically uses cross-training (cavaletti work/long lining/free-jumping/in-hand work/cross country riding) to keep horses happy and fit.  Linda also brings to bear her 18-year career as a scientist at U.D. and the DuPont Pharmaceutical Company in both animal and human medical research.  She is a prolific reader of classical texts, current literature, and scientific publications.

Several of Linda’s interns have gone into related careers including professional trainer Cory O’Connor of Elimika Sport Ponies, Michelle Halfen a manager at Middletown Veterinary Hospital and former Stable Manager at Hassler Dressage and Shelby Porter-Anderson, Noble Creek Saint Bernards Breeder-Owner-Handler. A 45-minute private lesson at Blue Waters is $60.00 or $70.00 at your farm.  For distances further than 20 miles, a mileage charge will apply.  A 25-minute private lesson at Blue Waters is $35.00.


We feel strongly that a natural herd environment is the healthiest for horses.  We offer field board to those who desire to lesson with Linda at least twice per month.  Two or three horses live in carefully managed fields with a roomy run-in shed.  We have the capacity to shorten and lengthen fields as necessary to accommodate our horse’s metabolic needs.  We also take great care to group horses according to their social needs.  Each shed has an insect sprayer and windows that can be opened and closed as needed.  During the summer months, our farm is treated weekly by the Cecil County Mosquito Control Service.  Our nutrition program utilizes Progressive, Triple Crown and Poulin feeds.  During winter we provide exceptional mixed hay (analysis available for inspection).  The base rate is $400.00 per month.  Farrier, veterinary and deworming charges are extra.


Our indoor or outdoor riding rings are available for private rental.  $20.00 per ride or $15.00 per rider if you come with a friend. and ride together. We also offer a monthly pre-paid plan in which you have unlimited access to our arenas for $150.00/month.  A signed liability waiver, negative Coggins test (within 12 months) and proof of EHV/Flu (within 6 months) are required.  

Our indoor arena is outfitted with Arena Works Gold, their signature blend of footing that promotes maximum performance for horse and rider. In collected movements like piaffe, passage, and pirouette, dressage horses immediately feel the pushback from this performance-enhancing footing.  The unique blend of carefully selected fibers, custom ground crumb rubber, and meticulously selected sand naturally bind together to produce a stable, dust-free surface.  The outdoor arena is outfitted with Arena Works Bronze Footing, a blend of custom ground crumb rubber and meticulously selected sand.

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