Karen Ramsing-Bixler Clinic Report

On October 25th, I had the great pleasure to welcome my friend Karen Ramsing-Bixler back to Blue Waters.  As always, Karen did a superb job of listening and observing her riders and then crafting an attainable plan for improvement.  All with a gigantic smile and heaps of encouragement! 

Two riders brought their homebred youngsters; Julie Poludniak with Hennessey and Pat Chandler with Ellie.  Both had superb first outings!  Pat posted this report on her Facebook page:  “What a great day! I rode Ellie off the farm today for the 3rd time ever in a clinic with Karen Ramsing-Bixler at one of my favorite local facilities, Blue Waters Farm! I was really excited to ride in Linda’s beautifully manicured outdoor arena on such a perfect fall day and I wasn’t disappointed. I told Karen I wanted to work on better connection in the canter work and we had enough of a good result (after working on the connection in walk and trot of course) that we were also able to work on shallow canter serpentines. Karen has a calm way about her that is certainly great for young horses and she was able to hone in on the best approach for a sensitive mare. So this was a super positive experience for Ellie and I enjoyed catching up with old friends including Linda who is always such a gracious hostess. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we return to Blue Waters for a repeat performance”

First-time participant Michelle Burris and her beautiful Remi unlocked a few gears prompting this comment:  “I cannot thank you enough for holding this amazing clinic. I had such an eye-opening learning experience! Karen helped me unlock my horse and gave me the best movement to date. I am over the moon right now”

Returning riders Kara Buttimer with Abigail, Martina Thiel-Poblotzi with her homebred Cordialle and my homebred BW-Raina all had excellent rides focusing on the requirements for moving up to the next competitive level.

We look forward to Karen’s return in 2019!

Pat and Ellie

Julie and Hennessey


Hope For Your Challenges

“My horse would be further along with another rider” is a sentiment I hear all too often from clients and friends.  This thought tends to coexist with the belief that their horse would have a better life with a better rider.  This grieves me because the truth is, horses don’t care if they’re at training level or FEI so long as their needs are being met and they’re stewarded with love and respect.  Through the Lord’s divine providence, He brought you and your horse together to learn, grow and enjoy each other richly.  Continue reading

Tristan Tucker Clinic

Tristan Tucker, Indoor Brabant, March 2014

Tristan Tucker, Indoor Brabant, March 2014

I have been using elements of John Lyons style groundwork for years, but have had difficulty transferring that work to the saddle in a way that is compatible with the dressage training scale.  Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend a clinic with Grand Prix dressage trainer, Tristan Tucker, based in the Netherlands.  His “conditioned response system” was developed out of an eclectic background as a games, eventing and jump rider and working alongside his mom in a racing barn before relocating to Europe.  His program progressively raises a horse’s tolerance for pressure, improves their proprioception, enhances suppleness and improves their fore and hind limb range of motion.  Tristan worked with each horse/rider combination 1 hour per day which began with mobility work then transitioned to de-spooking exercises where standing still was the correct response and finished with fore and hind limb range of motion exercises.  I found his communication style to be especially effective and was impressed how much he accomplished in a short time frame. Continue reading